Demosplash 2012

When is this happening?

Demosplash 2012 begins at 6pm on Friday October 12 and ends late evening on Saturday October 13. Check the schedule for all the details.

Where is this?

Demosplash will again be held in the Gates Hillman Center (Computer Science building) of the Carnegie Mellon University campus in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Most events will occur in and around the main auditorium at the front of the building (Forbes Ave entrance), so follow signs to the front entrance.

Also feel free to print out a campus map if you wish to explore the campus.

How do I get there?

See the official directions to campus for detailed instructions by your favorite mode of transport.

Where can I park?

After 5pm on weekdays (or as soon as the parking lot gate is raised, often as early as 3pm) and anytime on weekends, the Morewood parking lot directly across the street is open and free to use. This means free parking right across the street for the entire demoparty. But don't leave your car in the lot beyond these times, as it will be ticketed.

For other options, see the official parking website.

Where can I stay?

There are a number of hotels within walking distance of campus. The two closest of these are the following:

Holiday Inn Oakland
100 Lytton Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Hilton Garden Inn Oakland
3454 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

See the campus visitor accomodations site for a complete list.

How can I get around?

Pittsburgh has a reasonable bus system. See the local port authority website to view routes and fares, or use your smartphone. Taxis are not common in the city, and except for trips starting at the airport must be reserved by telephone in advance.

Where can I eat?

Dinner (sandwiches and/or pizza) will be served both Friday and Saturday for attending CMU affiliates and registered visitors. There will also be cookies, muffins, donuts, and drinks throughout the event. For other meals or different fare, a variety of restaurants lie a short walking distance from campus, most on South Craig Street or further west down Forbes Avenue near the University of Pittsburgh.

  • Ali Baba (404 S. Craig St.) - Middle Eastern Food
  • Bagel Factory (420 S. Craig St., previously Kiva Han) - bagels, light fare
  • Chipotle (3619 Forbes Ave.) - Burritos and the like
  • Crepes Parisienne (207 S. Craig St.) - Crepes
  • Eat Unique (305 S. Craig St.) - cafe and sandwiches
  • Lucca Ristorante (317 S. Craig St.) - upscale Italian
  • Lulu's Noodles (400 S. Craig St.) - Asian of various kinds
  • Orient Express (4609 Forbes Ave.) - Chinese
  • Panther Hollow Inn (4611 Forbes Ave.) - gyros, pizza, sandwiches (open late)
  • Primanti Bros. (3803 Forbes Ave.) - "Pittsburgh style" sandwiches (open late)
  • Quiznos (300 S. Craig St.) - sandwiches
  • Star of India (412 S. Craig St.) - Indian
  • Starbucks (417 S. Craig St.) - coffeehouse
  • Union Grill (413 S. Craig St.) - salads, burgers, seafood, full bar (open late)

What else can I do?

Despite its reputation, Pittsburgh has a lot of cool stuff going on. In recent years, it's become a major tech center with lots of hacker/DIY activity.

Geeky stuff worth checking out (much is right on campus!):

Museums in the area (primarily good for families):

Nature stuff:

(we'll keep adding to this list as we think of things...)

What should I bring?

No need to bring anything at all!

If you'd like, you may bring a personal computer or retro machine to setup in a room adjacent to the main viewing hall. Power, an in-room LAN, and limited wired internet access is available. If you wish to engage in this, please bring at least a 25-foot ethernet cable.

Feel free to bring event-specific items (some interesting piece of hardware for the retro clinic, your favorite games for any gaming event, your own lockpicking tools for the lockpicking tutorial, etc).

What else do I need to know / what am I allowed to do?

Please see the rules & policies for info on that. Mostly, don't be a dick, and don't leave anything of value unattended.