Demosplash 2012

Event Schedule

The schedule below is tentative and may be shuffled a bit to best fit events together. Nothing is anticipated to be removed, though.


Friday, October 12

Main AuditoriumEvent Room
6:00pmOpening ceremony, demoscene introduction, and introductory demos
6:30pmChronology of famous late 80s/early 90s home computer demos
7:30pmChronology of famous 90s PC demos
8:00pmTalk: DOS-era PC sound and music
8:30pmChronology of famous 90s PC demos, cont.
9:00pmLess-famous demosOpen retro gaming
9:30pmTalk/showing: Embedded demos
10:00pmTalk: Intro to basic demo effects
10:30pmChronology of famous modern PC demos
11:30pmLess-famous demosChiptune rave


Saturday, October 13

Main AuditoriumEvent RoomElsewhere
11:00amBreakfast (on-your-own) social
Location: Bagel Factory
12:00pmTalk/showing: Sinclair computers
1:00pmTalk/showing: Apple IIgs
1:30pmTalk/showing: Apple Lisa, custom soundcard, cmucc demo experience
2:30pmTalk/showing: Commodore 8-bit
3:00pmCompo deadline
3:30pmTalk: Video standards and conversionLockpicking tutorial
4:00pmTalk: Retrocomputing restoration and preservationLockpicking practice
4:30pmCompo submission showing
5:00pmHappy hour
Location: PHI
6:00pmRetro clinic
6:30pmDemo capturing
7:00pmSceners intro/panel discussion
7:30pmTalk/showing: Vectrex & cmucc demo experienceOpen retro gaming & tournament rounds
8:00pmTalk/showing: Amiga
9:00pmModern demo trends: textmode & size-constrainedCompo voting ends
9:30pmFinal retro gaming tournament, compo results, prize ceremony
10:00pmCellphone and tablet demos
10:30pmWeird stuff and wild demos
11:30pmConcluding retro & windows demos

Ongoing Events


The information desk and registration table is located immediately outside the main auditorium and will be open throughout the event, starting at 5:30pm on Friday. Stop by when you arrive to pick up your badge and goodie bag.

PC/LAN-gaming Room

If you've brought your own machine (desktop PC, laptop, retro machine, hackinmumble, or whatever), you can set it up in this room that provides a place to sit, power, an in-room LAN, and limited wired internet access. Bring a bunch of friends to get LAN games going or work on your compo submission.