Demosplash is celebrating its twelfth year!
Demosplash 2022 will be held 18-19 November 2022.

Demosplash will observe all COVID-19 safety protocols in effect at Carnegie Mellon University at the time of the event. More information.

Demosplash is one of the largest and longest-running demoparties in North America, catering both to newcomers to the demoscene as well as established artists. We show demos live on original hardware as much as humanly possible, offering a viewing experience that can't be matched by emulators or recordings. In addition to screenings, we feature a variety of events, including tech talks, workshops, and celebrations of retro gaming.

Check out our talk and events lineup, now updated for 2022. We will of course have a whole roomful of retro gaming computers (Sharp X68000, Apple ][, Sega Genesis/Mega Drive, NES, and much much more) for anyone who wants to take a break from the demos or talks and play some video games!

In the unfortunate event you can't make it, our friends at SceneSat will be streaming the whole event live.