2020 Results

Competition results from 2020 are available here, and a full archive of entries may be found here.

2020 Compo Categories

The following categories have been finalized for Demosplash 2020.
Click through for more detailed rules and guidelines.


$150 prize

Live-rendering with the technology of today. Platforms include: Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Arduino, and pretty much anything still in mass-production.


$100 prize

Show off your skills at resurrecting the gaming and computing platforms of the past. We have one of the largest collections of original working hardware, on which we will make our very best efforts to show your work!

Important Update for 2020: If you are submitting a retro demo, please let us know what platform it is for 1 week prior to the submission deadline, by 13 November 2020. COVID-19 related issues have made it difficult for us to access some of our storage facilities, and we need time to make sure we can get the hardware ready. If you miss this date, please submit anyway (and still let us know), but your demo may be shown in an emulator or as a video instead.


$100 prize

Coding with the technology of today using Bonzomatic to showcase your coding skills.

Important Update for 2020: Due to this year's event being virtual, this is NOT a live shader compo; rather, we are seeking pre-written shaders for this category.

Freestyle Video/Graphics

$50 prize

Is your preferred medium less than real-time? Looking to flaunt your mastery of stil images? Submit works to this category that have been produced before showing.

Freestyle ASCII/ANSI

$50 prize

Pining for the days before all of this new-fangled raster graphics nonsense? Submit text-based ASCII or ANSI art to this category.

Freestyle Audio

$50 prize

If sound is your game, then sound we shall play. Prerecorded audio compositions of all flavors are welcome in this category.

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