Chiptune Concert

This year, chiptune musician Dya will be joining us for his first live performance at a demoparty. Dya is a multi-instrumentalist, video game composer, and chiptune archaeologist from San Antonio, Texas who excavates the sounds of consoles and computers from ages past to craft the sounds of the future. His music encompasses an eclectic blend of melodically driven synthwave, prog, punk, and edm jams using tools like the Sega Genesis, Nintendo Entertainment System and Commodore 64 with a DIY twist. Dya is also a proud member of several demo groups including Hokuto Force, Desire, and Resistance. You can also pick up his latest chiptune album "Fall Damage" on Bandcamp.

Talks and Workshops

Come to hear engaging discussions on topics across the demoscene.

Demo Programming on the Apple II

The Apple II has not had much popularity in the demoscene, in part due to its limited video and sound capabilities. I will describe the hardware found on the Apple II, and present some recent demos I have made that push the boundaries of the platform.

Demos on Tiny Hardware - A Post-Mortem of Two Demos for the Pebble Smartwatch

How we re-implemented the PC demos "Second Reality" (1993) and "Intrinsic Gravity" (2014) for the Pebble Smartwatch — an embedded platform that drives its e-paper display with less RAM than the Commodore 64.

Demo Optimization - Tools of the Trade

Whether one is trying to render 3D graphics on a 1MHz 8-bit CPU or get several minutes of high definition video out of a 4kB binary, optimization is essential for writing good demos. This presentation will explain common optimizations used by demo and game developers, including the famous fast inverse square root, and will show examples of how they are used in the wild.

What is SceneSat?

Learn a bit more about the team and website that strives to bring the Demoscene to sofa sceners over the world.

Retro Gaming

Our yearly retro gaming room returns! Play from hundreds of the games you fondly remember on authentic hardware, including:

Retro Gaming Tournament

We'll be running a tournament in our gaming room. Do you have what it takes to be the best?

Demoscene Fun

Come celebrate the spirit of the Demoscene with live screenings and competitions.

Live Demo Screenings

Throughout the weekend, we'll be offering live showings of demos running on real machines, old and new, from the CMU Computer Club's large collection -- Amiga, Atari, Commodore, PC, you name it! We'll be showing both eternal classics and recent releases. Check the schedule for more details and times!

Demo Authoring Competition

No demo party is complete without the chance to write your own demos and submit them to be screened and voted on by the audience! We have several categories - check the compos page for more info.

Rave Demos

Loud, flashy, and generally seizure-inducing, rave demos are the demoscene's link to the techno/rave culture it grew up within. These might not be for everyone, but they definitely have devoted fans. We'll be giving these their own room for your enjoyment!