Demosplash 2016 will be held 4-5 November 2016 at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA, USA. Events will occur on the 4th floor of The Gates Hillman Center for Computer Science (in and around Rashid Auditorium GHC 4401).

Demosplash is one of the largest demoparties in North America, catering both to newcomers to the demoscene as well as established artists. We show demos live on original hardware as much as humanly possible, offering a viewing experience that can't be matched by emulators or recordings. In addition to screenings, we feature a variety of events, including tech talks, workshops, and open retro gaming.

In our sixth year, Inverse Phase will be joining us for a live concert, as well as a talk! Inverse Phase, also known as Brendan Becker, is a pizza-loving chiptune musician, game composer, and tribute artist who works with old 8-bit and 16-bit consoles and computers. He is perhaps best known for "Pretty Eight Machine", his authentic chiptune tribute to the Pittsburgh area's own Trent Reznor, recognised by Nine Inch Nails. After producing a lot of music on retrocomputers and classic systems, he has a lot of tales to tell. Get ready to hear some oldschool stories at Demosplash!

Join Inverse Phase for a performance of original music written on the Sega Genesis (and maybe some surprise bonus material), as well as a "Chiptune 101" presentation, geared for both beginners and seasoned scene veterans alike. He'll also have music and stickers with him, should you like to take some home, and an in-progress custom chiptune synthesizer he is building from scratch will be on display.

Registration is now open! See our registration page for more details.