Where Is Demosplash?

Demosplash is held at the Gates Hillman Center of Carnegie Mellon University (campus map) in Pittsburgh, PA, USA. Events will be occurring in and around the main auditorium near the Forbes Avenue entrance. Follow the official directions to get to campus and then follow our signs into the Gates Hillman building.

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Where Can I Park?

After 5:00pm on weekdays and usually all throughout the weekend, the Morewood parking lot directly across the street from us is open and free to use. The "East Campus Garage" a short distance further east along Forbes Ave is always free on weekends. That means free parking probably right across the street for the entire demoparty. For more options, see CMU's official parking guide.

Where Can I Stay?

There are several hotels within walking distance of the Carnegie Mellon campus. The two closest of these are:

How Can I Get Around?

Pittsburgh has a bus system. Taxis are not common in the city, and must be reserved in advance by telephone unless starting from the airport.

Where Can I Eat?

Registered attendees will be provided dinner on Friday and lunch and dinner on Saturday. Additionally, various small foods will be available throughout the event. Alternatively, the following restaurants are within walking distance of the University, heading west along Forbes Avenue:

What Should I Bring?

If you'd like, you may bring a personal computer or retro machine to set up in a room adjacent to the main event auditorium. Power, in-room LAN, and limited internet connectivity (bring a 25+ft ethernet cable for wired access!) will be available.

Rules and Policies

Please keep these rules in mind so that we can continue to hold Demosplash at the University and keep the event enjoyable for all attendees:

  1. Take care around retro hardware, as it can be fragile and is difficult to replace or repair. Do not damage University property. If you spill something, ask for help from an Organizer to clean it up.
  2. Weapons, drugs, and/or anything else against University policies or Pennsylvania laws are not permitted under any circumstances.
  3. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted at the event (sorry!).
  4. Smoking on the CMU campus is permitted in designated areas only. Please do not smoke inside or near the entrances of buildings.
  5. Attendees are not permitted to stay in the building after the end of the event each night. See hotel suggestions above.
  6. Attendees are not permitted to make video or audio recordings of the events. Photography may be permitted at the discretion of the presenter(s).
  7. Organizers reserve the right to expel attendees who are disruptive to the event or are in violation of these policies. Expelled attendees shall not receive any refunds of registration fees and shall forfeit all competition prizes.
  8. Organizers assume no responsibility for attendees' belongings or actions.

Bringing Children

We're all for getting future generations excited about demos, digital art, and hacking in all its forms, so we welcome you to bring your children -- with free admission for those under 16 -- subject to the following warnings:

  1. We can't be responsible for their safety
  2. We don't have any explicitly kid-centric activities nor the resources to keep them entertained
  3. Many demos (as popular art) contain adult content