Does your preferred medium consist of nothing but text? Submit ASCII art or ANSI art to this category.

Competition Rules

  1. All submissions must be original work that have not been previously released.
  2. Remote entries, those submitted by a group which has no representatives present at the event, are accepted and will be eligible for prizes. Prizes will be delivered by standard US or international mail if a valid mailing address has been provided.
  3. Submissions must include a final "rendered" work, so please provide both the raw text and a rendered image in a common format. Organizers may, but are not oligated to, contact the authors if the submitted work cannot be presented.
  4. Submissions may be of any size and aspect ratio, but will be viewed on a screen with a maximum size of 1280x720 pixels with scaling or scrolling as necessary to display larger sized works (e.g. larger than 160x45 characters for an 8x16-pixel font). In the submission comments you are free to suggest a best manner of viewing, which may be followed at the organizers' discretion.
  5. Any content contained in a submission that is not the original work of the submission author(s) must have prior approval by its copyright owner. Submission of work to this competition affirms that all such approvals have been obtained.
  6. All submissions will be made available for unlimited public distribution by the organizers. Submission to this competition constitutes an agreement to such distribution.
  7. All submissions must adhere to the format requirements of the submission system. Authors are strongly encouraged to review the submission system in advance of the competition deadline.
  8. Organizers reserve the right to reject any submissions which contain unusually profane, disturbing, or shocking content.
  9. Organizers reserve the right to canccel, combine or split any categories for any reason.
  10. Organizers reserve the right to modify these rules at any time prior to the submission deadline.
  11. Any concerns not addressed by these rules are subject to decision by the organizers. All such decisions are final.

Deadline for submissions is 2:30pm GMT-5 US Eastern Time on October 5, 2013.