Demosplash 2012

Rules & Policies

The university is quite lax about most things, but as we're receiving use of the space without cost, we need to take care of it, and we'd like to be offered the space again in the future. So please adhere to these simple rules...

  • Don't break shit or make a mess. If you spill something, clean it up, THEN tell us if you still need help.
  • Please don't bring too much stuff - this isn't a full-blown LAN party
  • Sorry, can't spend the night in the building - find accommodations
  • No weapons/drugs/other-stuff against CMU policies (small knives are fine)
  • No alcohol at the event (there are bars and surely some alumni house parties around).
    Also see plans for a happy hour nearby.
  • Nonsmoking building, please smoke outside
  • No video of events, but pictures OK; speakers can set their own rules here
  • We reserve the right to throw you out if you're being disruptive
  • No responsibility for your stuff, personal safety, and others' actions

We're not very picky, just be reasonable.