Demosplash 2012

Saturday Film Screening


(that's Cyrillic leet-speak for "Хоттабыч" pronounced "Hottabych")

92 minutes, Russian with lightly-proofread English subtitles (it's more fun that way!)

A fun hacker film that deserves more attention in the US. A lazy young hacker who spends his time pulling stupid web pranks buys a jar from Russian ebay as a gift and it turns out to contain a genie! Hilarity ensues as he introduces the old genie to modern technology while avoiding authorities after him for his hacking escapades, the local mafia (of course, it's Russia!), and an evil genie trying to steal and consolidate the power of all the other genies. Enjoy some amazing scenes and one-liners you'll never get from (what you'll now forever see as) boring mainstream Hollywood.