Featured Events at Demosplash 2023

Event planning for Demosplash 2023 is ongoing, and this page will be updated as featured events are scheduled.

Talks and Workshops

Come to hear engaging discussions on topics across the demoscene.

Headline Musical Performance - DRAC-0

Presenter: DRAC-0
DRAC-0, aka Dracorean, is an incredible chiptune DJ best known for spinning high-energy shows in VR raves. Her style mixes classic oldschool chiptunes, remixes, chiptune-style EDM, and retro visuals for intense unforgettable experiences. We're honored to welcome her to the Demosplash stage for one of her first - and not to be missed - live in-person performances!

Talk TBA

Presenter: TBA, maybe you!
Talk abstracts coming soon, stay tuned for updates. If you're interested in giving a talk, contact us on Discord, or by email to organizers@demosplash.org!

Demoscene Fun

Come celebrate the spirit of the Demoscene with live screenings and competitions.

Live Demo Screenings

Throughout the weekend, we'll be offering live showings of demos running on real machines, old and new, from the CMU Computer Club's large collection -- Amiga, Atari, Commodore, PC, you name it! We'll be showing both eternal classics and recent releases. Check the schedule for more details and times!

Demo Authoring Competition

No demo party is complete without the chance to write your own demos and submit them to be screened and voted on by the audience! We have several categories - check the compos page for more info.

Chiptune and Rave Demos Room

Enjoy bootlegs, remixes, and concert recordings of some of our favorite chiptune-style music and game soundtracks. Listen to some of the most famous artists in the scene and discover a few lesser-known ones too.

In the evenings, we'll switch over to a playlist of rave demos. Loud, flashy, and generally seizure-inducing, these are the demoscene's link to the techno/rave culture it grew up alongside. We can't usually play these on the main big screen, but you can come see them here!