Featured Events at Demosplash 2021

The following events were featured at Demosplash 2021. This page will be updated with featured events for Demosplash 2022 as they are scheduled.

Talks and Workshops

Come to hear engaging discussions on topics across the demoscene.

Peasant's Quest for the Apple II: Taking a 2000s Flash Game Back to the 1980s

Presenter: Vince Weaver
Peasant's Quest is a Flash-based adventure game designed by the creators of the Homestar Runner website and released in 2004. The game has a retro-feel, designed to look like Sierra adventure games from the 1980s such as King's Quest. In this talk I'll describe taking the game and de-making it to an actual system from the 1980s: an Apple II with 64k of RAM. I'll describe the various challenges I encountered along the way, mostly the Apple II's horrible high-res graphics mode as well as trying to cram all of the content into 64k of RAM while maintaining a low amount of floppy-disk swapping during gameplay.

Bloop Museum: What It Is, How It's Different

Presenter: Inverse Phase
Inverse Phase (Brendan Becker) will give a brief tour of The Bloop Museum near Baltimore, Maryland, talk about how it fits into the retro community as a whole, and explain some of the challenges of running a museum on the budget of a demoscene/chiptune musician.

The Measure of a Machine

Presenter: Dana Sisson
Here at Demosplash, we have demos running on everything from 1970s 8-bit game consoles with less than 1KB of memory to high end 64-bit modern PCs. In order to compare demos running on different platforms, we must be able to compare the platforms themselves. What does it really mean to be 8-bit versus 64-bit? How does one assign numbers to sound quality? This presentation will cover some of the many metrics of hardware performance, what they actually mean, and their pitfalls.

Demoscene Fun

Come celebrate the spirit of the Demoscene with live screenings and competitions.

Live Demo Screenings

Throughout the weekend, we'll be offering live showings of demos running on real machines, old and new, from the CMU Computer Club's large collection -- Amiga, Atari, Commodore, PC, you name it! We'll be showing both eternal classics and recent releases. Check the schedule for more details and times!

Demo Authoring Competition

No demo party is complete without the chance to write your own demos and submit them to be screened and voted on by the audience! We have several categories - check the compos page for more info.