Deadline for submissions is 23:59 UTC-4 (US Eastern Time) on 2 November 2018.

Live-rendering and on-site coding with the technology of today using Bonzomatic to showcase your live coding skills in a fast-paced competition.

Competition Rules

  1. To enter the live shader compo, please submit a quick "Hello World" shader to the compo submission system before the regular compo submission deadline. It doesn't need to do anything super fancy, just quickly prove that you know your way around Bonzomatic.
  2. Code from your head. You may not use any other resources during the compo (no paper, no memory sticks, no radio, no mobiles, tablets, etc.).
  3. You can pick your weapon of choice: GLSL or HLSL (DX9 or DX11).
  4. The computers will default to en-US keymap - if you need something specific, let us know beforehand.
  5. Demosplash will provide hardware, software (Bonzomatic), an initial shader, and supplemental inputs (possibly including textures or music) [to be updated with guarantees once we decide on them].
  6. You may bring a non-programmable, USB-connectable (bring an adapter if you need one) keyboard and pointing device, or may use a keyboard and mouse provided by Demosplash.
  7. No cracking. You may not access any resources of the compo machines outside those indicated. You may not access disk or networking interfaces or modify system files, or in any way interfere with the playback of future demos. You may restart Bonzomatic if it crashes, and Bonzomatic will save your shader to disk periodically.
  8. You must be present to compete: Check this year's schedule for details. If you have to leave the party before the prize giving, applicable prizes will be delivered by standard US or international mail if a valid mailing address has been provided.
  9. Any code you write that is not your original work must have prior approval by its copyright owner. Submission of work to this competition affirms that all such approvals have been obtained.
  10. All submissions will be made available for unlimited public distribution by the organizers. Submission to this competition constitutes an agreement to such distribution.
  11. If your shader has particular licensing terms or is required to include attributions, please note those in the code or tell the organizers while you are still present at the party. (E.g., if you memorize some code from Stack Exchange and use it in your shader, you must provide us the links to the post and the author so the shader we distribute can comply with the CC-BY-SA license's requirements.)
  12. Organizers reserve the right to terminate your coding time early and disqualify your submission if your shader begins to exhibit unusually profane, disturbing, or shocking content.
  13. Organizers reserve the right to modify these rules at any time prior to the submission deadline.
  14. Any concerns not addressed by these rules are subject to decision by the organizers. All such decisions are final.

Screening Guidelines

  1. The maximum supported display resolution is 1920x1080.
  2. Coordinate any special needs (additional libraries, special runtimes, etc.) with the organizers prior to the event.

Available Platforms

This is a list of the platforms that will likely be available for demo running. Please contact the organizers with any inquiries about platform availability and questions about bringing your own hardware.